Our mission is Hope.

When you look around the world today, what are so many people lacking in their daily lives? Hope. Without a sense of direction or purpose, so many people live day-to-day tired, stressed, and lost.

Pilgrim Center of Hope is powered by God’s grace & individuals who believe in Hope. We are a non-profit, Catholic ministry—missionaries of hope, answering that need by guiding people to encounter Jesus.

How? People may not go to church, but they do go to conferences, they’re using media, traveling, having socials & evenings out—and so are we. We invite & help people to live with a renewed sense of direction & purpose for their daily lives.

How We’re Spreading Hope

A father embraces and kisses his daughter

Renewing Our Faith and Theirs

Angela Sealana is Media Coordinator at Pilgrim Center of Hope.…

Coming to SA: Pope Francis' Missionary of Mercy

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