Archbishop Visits

On Friday, February 2, our staff was honored to have lunch with Archbishop Gustavo and his assistant, Pablo Garcia (our former Men’s Conference Coordinator)!

What a blessed time to listen to our Shepherd and share from our hearts what you, our friends & supporters, have helped accomplish through this ministry! He encouraged us to continue those good works, and expressed his gratitude. Our relationship with him is of great importance. Every day, we pray the Consecration to the Holy Spirit as a staff. We take seriously Archbishop’s direction and concerns, which we integrate into all our efforts.

Your support makes it possible. Thank you! Let us pray for our Shepherd!

Some Ways You Can Help:

  • Urban parish outreach – Spiritual renewal events are available at no cost to parishes (Evenings with Mary, Mornings with Mary, Socials with the Saints, presentations, etc.) but we need help spreading the word!
  • Serving the Deaf Community – Few Catholic events offer sign language interpretation, but the desire is great! Donate $60 to sponsor 1 of 100 hours needed to provide this service at our conferences.
  • Getting people to Conferences – Archbishop Gustavo has seen the impact of these events on families & parishes. We can transform our communities! Help us invite people to our annual conferences.