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God Help Me, These People Are Driving Me Nuts! by Dr. Greg Popcak

Generous helpings of humor and abundant practical advice make this Christian spirituality book a useful tool for dealing with difficult relationships. Old enemies, unreasonable employers, petty neighbors, wayward children, or an inattentive spouse can sabotage even the most devout Christian and lead to unhealthy emotions and destructive behavior. Laying out the components of the P-E-A-C-E […]

Unbound – Neal Lozano

Jesus, the truth, is our doorway to freedom. Yet all of us find areas of resistance to Jesus or areas of bondage that limit our free response to His love as we seek to follow Him. If you are looking for help to move out of bondage to any sin or any limiting life pattern, […]

The Brown Scapular

History of the Brown Scapular A scapular is a garment worn by religious over the shoulders (scapula), and hanging down in front and back, usually to about the bottom of the habit. It developed as a practical garment, protecting the habit during work, and was in time invested with spiritual significance, consecration or dedication to […]

Praying With Icons by Linette Martin

Icons are a doorway to prayer that can deepen your relationship with God. Their intention is to point us beyond themselves, and to speak to both the mind and the soul, that we would respond in belief, praise, wonder, encouragement, or simply—prayer. Linette Martin’s little book is designed to enable you to grasp the meaning […]