Special tools needed to accomplish the mission

Periodically, the Pilgrim Center of Hope requires certain specialty items. You can help ensure that financial donations are directly providing for the accomplishment of this ministry’s mission, by donating a Wish List item!  Below is our most updated Wish List.

To grant a wish, please contact

Deacon Tom Fox, Co-Director
Office 210-521-3377

or express your interest using the form below, which will be emailed directly to our office.

Saint Joseph

St. Joseph Outdoor Statue

We have entrusted the “St. Joseph Room” where we do much of our conference preparation, to this patron, and we would like a statue to honor all he does for us.

Donor Choice

High-Quality Wood Fence

We need a fence (1,200 feet long) on our property; a broken fence belongs to adjacent property owners. Help us pay for this $30,000 expense and protect this sacred area.

Fence Built

Provides 100 feet with bronze plaque memorial

Tree & Shrub Trimming Project

To properly build our fence & care for nearly seven acres of consecrated land, we ‘need a trim’!


Professional Paper Trimmer


(3) Boxes of New Testament Bibles (50 ct.)


Thank You!

(1) Box of blank envelopes (500 ct.) for mailing purposes


(6) Boxes of copy paper



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