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What Is The Shroud?

Holy Face

The Shroud of Turin is an ancient 14-foot long linen cloth believed by many to be the actual burial garment of Jesus Christ.  Mysteriously imprinted on this cloth is the full-length, front and back image of a man with bloodstains corresponding to the wounds suffered by Our Lord during His scourging and crucifixion.

Since 1578 the Shroud has been kept locked away in a chapel of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Turin, Italy, and is seen only rarely by the general public.


What Is The Exhibition?

In April and May of 2010, The Pilgrim Center of Hope conducted pilgrimages to Turin to view the Shroud. During one of the pilgrimages, the idea was proposed that an educational and devotional center dedicated to the Shroud be built in San Antonio.  The permanent exhibit would feature multi-media presentations about the Shroud and museum-quality displays including a life-sized replica of the Shroud, a bronze statue of the Man of the Shroud lying in repose, replicas of the instruments of torture used on the Man, and more. (Click to see video of a similar exhibit in Rome.)

This permanent exhibition of the Shroud is called "Who Is The Man of the Shroud?" and will be located in San Antonio, Texas, as a part of the Pilgrim Center of Hope's ministry.




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Can You Pray For This Cause?

Your prayers are vital to this effort! Please join us in asking God to show us His Will in this undertaking. We are especially in need of a location and other resources.


Our Lady of Sorrows

Patron Saint:

Saint: St. Anthony of Padua

Special Intercessor:

Fr. Edwin Vigil, Shroud Pilgrim April 2010



How May I Donate?

Funds are now crucially needed to secure a location for the exhibition in San Antonio. The Committee has secured the exhibition materials, including a life-sized replica of the Shroud, panels depicting the history of the Shroud, replicated items used during the Crucifixion (ie. the instruments of torture), a 3-D rendering of the Man on the Shroud, life-sized bronze statue of the body in repose, and more. This is a professional, museum-quality, permanent exhibition for San Antonio.

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How May I Contact The Coordinators?

For more information on the proposed Shroud exhibit and how you can help, call the Pilgrim Center of Hope at (210) 521-3377.




The Shroud of Turin, Parts 1 & 2: Pete Remmert gives a fascinating presentation on the Shroud of Turin.



Videos courtesy of Catholic Television of San Antonio.


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