Mary Jane and Tom Fox with Bishop Joseph Galante

It’s Our 24th Birthday!

SAN ANTONIO – Like almost all other days, June 22 will be a quiet day at Pilgrim Center of Hope’s home base in the northwest corner of town. Despite its characteristic peacefulness, the unique Catholic nonprofit organization will be celebrating its twenty-fourth year.

On June 22, 1993, Bishop Joseph Galante – then Auxiliary Bishop to Archbishop Patrick Flores of San Antonio – celebrated Mass in the Center’s humble chapel, consecrating Pilgrim Center of Hope as a new ministry serving the Archdiocese.

Pilgrim Center of Hope wrote in its first newsletter:

During his homily at the Consecration Mass of the Center on June 22, Bishop Joseph Galante described the Church’s term of the laity. He said that the Vatican II Council reminded us again that we are a PILGRIM people and that we really don’t understand fully what it means to be a pilgrim people. He explained that if we think about pilgrims and we talk about ourselves being a pilgrim people, we are going back to the time of the Israelites in the desert. Pilgrims are people who believe God’s promise and set out through the desert depending only on God with no itinerary, trusting that God will fulfill that promise which God has made to them, and following God wherever God is leading them. Bishop Galante blessed and consecrated this new ministry and its new location to Our Lord and Our Lady.

“I believe there is a need for the mission,” Galante said in a letter of support. “Vatican II has challenged the Laity to be Church and to evangelize. This ministry is a zealous response to that challenge.”

Flores also wrote, “I have given my blessing to this Apostolate… I will personally be grateful to you for all and any assistance you may be able to give to this endeavor.”

Since then, Pilgrim Center of Hope has maintained the spiritual blessing of San Antonio’s bishops. It continues its belief in the ‘grassroots level’ of the Church, lay men and women of all ages; guides people to personally encounter Christ through pilgrimages, conferences, and outreach.

This ministry is supported by individuals’ personal donations. We sincerely appreciate much-needed gifts of any size!