Fr Patrick Martin

New Chaplain for Pilgrim Center of Hope

Pilgrim Center of Hope is pleased that Reverend Patrick A. Martin, “Father Pat,” is the very first Chaplain for Pilgrim Center of Hope.

We first got to know Father Pat when he served as Spiritual Director for our Holy Land Pilgrimage in the summer of 2012. Since then, he has journeyed with us three more times to the Holy Land, and had ‘adopted’ us as a pilgrim family – celebrating Mass once every month at Pilgrim Center of Hope since spring of 2016.

Father Pat is now retired, and has chosen to serve as a spiritual father to our ministry. Having a Chaplain is a dream-come-true for our founders, Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox. This is another sign of God’s mercy as we enter Pilgrim Center of Hope’s 25th anniversary year!

Look forward to Living Catholicism sessions with Father Pat; mini spiritual gatherings to grow in hope. Stay in touch by subscribing to our email list!

“Father Patrick Martin is an apostle, in touch with God – on fire with the Good News – in love with people. For him the handicap of blindness is a gift of God that makes him an extraordinary person of very special vision. His faith and ministry are a source of hope and consolation…” – Most Rev. Daniel P. Reilly, Bishop of Norwich, Connecticut