Go to Joseph

This week’s recommended spiritual tool is the book “Go to Joseph” by Fr. Richard W. Gilsdorf

Practical Ways to Utilize this book

  • Use passages during your morning meditation
  • Apply the lessons in the book to your own life
  • Incorporate certain phrases into your daily prayer

This book is like going on a retreat. This warm, contemplative writing tells the story of St. Joseph in a way that makes it seem fresh and thrilling and allows you to walk alongside him through the events that brought salvation.

Purchase this book online, and use http://www.amazonsmile.com


                                                                Catholic Live episode Q & A

What are some books on St Joseph that you would recommend to get closer to him?

1) “Go to Joseph” by Fr. Richard W. Gildsdorf

2)  “Guardian of the Redeemer” An Apostolic Exhortation by John Paul II (can be found on the Vatican website)

3)  St Joseph – Daily Wisdom on our Spiritual Father” by Fr. Donald Calloway


Do you have any experiences praying to him that he has helped you with?

In our ministry of evangelization, St. Joseph’s intercession has helped us to keep focus on our mission.  St. Joseph is one of our patron Saints – we have asked him to pray for our pilgrimages.  And his intercession has helped obtain the graces needed to be obedient to the will of the Father.  He has been a true role model for us!


Pick Pilgrim Center of Hope as your charity and a portion of your purchase helps us at no extra cost to you! Also, you can purchase this book at Pilgrim Center of Hope (7680 Joe Newton St, San Antonio, TX 78251) Monday through Friday, 8:30 am-5:30 pm. Call us at 210-521-3377. Thank you for supporting this mission of Catholic evangelization!