Beautiful Hope

Our recommended spiritual tool for this week is the book Beautiful Hope, edited by Matthew Kelly.

As we struggle to survive and grow in a culture that seems to produce hopelessness with astounding consistency, and when everything seems chaotic as we are faced with many negative realities, we may be tempted to think that nothing makes sense anymore – that there seems to be no hope that things will get better.

But we are not alone! God is continually present with us, and His love and grace fill us with great hope. Knowing this, we can be peaceful and hopeful in the midst of our difficulties.

In this wonderful book, Beautiful Hope, well known million seller Catholic writer, Matthew Kelly has collected a number of short essays and personal stories on this topic by many contributors, some well-respected authors and speakers, and other ordinary people who, like you, have dealt with challenges and problems just like you.

Purchase this book at your local Catholic bookstore or online. Don’t forget – if you shop on Amazon, make sure to start at and request that Pilgrim Center of Hope receive a portion of your purchase at no cost to you. Thank you for your much-needed support of this ministry.