Catholic Seniors Conference

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Pilgrim Center of Hope warmly invites people of all ages to the annual Catholic Seniors’ Conference! Whatever your age or state in life, you are welcome to this day of prayer, learning, fellowship, and laughter.

All ages are welcome! Family members and caretakers, join others like you who love a senior. Come learn about God’s calling for us all as we grow older; discover a message of joy and hope!

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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Phoenician Ballroom at
St. George Maronite Catholic Church

6070 Babcock Rd., San Antonio, TX 78240

2019 Conference Schedule
8:15 AMMass
9:15 AMBreakfast Treats
9:45 AMWelcome
10:00 AMJeannette Santos, MA, LPC – “God Is Close To Us”
10:40 AMBreak
10:55 AMA Mission of Hope – Becoming A PCH Padrino
11:00 AMFr. Patrick A. Martin – “God Redeems It All”
11:45 AMDeacon Tom & Mary Jane Fox – “Meet the Master: Jesus, Show Me Who I Am”
12:15 PMMeal Blessing and Lunch
12:45 PMRosary led by Deacon Tom Fox
1:15 PMFinal Remarks
1:30 PMDeparture; Confessions Available
Jeannette Santos, MA, LPC

Jeannette Santos, MA, LPC

Professional Counselor & Spiritual Director

"God Is Close to Us"

How can we deal with loss in a world that refuses to see it? Scripture tells us, "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; saves those whose spirit is crushed" (Psalm 34:19). Come see how all the losses we experience work to draw us closer to God and the fulfillment for which we long.

Jeannette Santos is a Licensed Professional Counselor with Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy, and a certified Spiritual Director. With 42 years of marriage and experience raising five children, and with six grandchildren, she speaks to the challenges & conflicts that individuals, couples, and families of all stages in life face daily, toward hope & healing.

A storyteller and a chaplain experienced in hospital and palliative care, Jeannette will speak to us about the hope that is always present when we have a relationship with God - even in the midst of the difficulties we encounter as we age. She will enlighten us from her professional and ministry experience about the healings and miracles that come from God in many different ways.

Fr. Patrick Martin

Fr. Patrick Martin

Pilgrim Center of Hope - Chaplain

"God Redeems It All"

Suffering is a place we never want to be, but it‘s always where we seem to find ourselves! The Church offers a rich teaching on the redemptive power of suffering. Learn how our later years offer a golden opportunity to work in God’s kingdom for our good, the good of our families, and our world!

Fr. Patrick Martin, a native of Limestone, Maine, has worked with the "broken" of this world for some 48 years now. His work grew out of his own "handicap,” legal blindness, at the age of nine and it is how his parish mission work began- simply as work with "the handicapped."

Fr. Pat is a retired priest of the Diocese of Norwich, CT. Since 1980, he has preached at missions over 1,300 parishes worldwide on "God’s Love in Our Broken Lives." He has published a number of books all written in hopes of helping people to live with their “brokenness.” He does say, “When you get lemons, make lemonade.” His books are available for a love offering.

Fr. Pat is the Chaplain and Spiritual Father for Pilgrim Center of Hope; and although he does not have regular hours at the Center, he celebrates Mass once a month in Gethsemane Chapel, serves as a Confessor at special events whenever possible, and is actively involved in giving spiritual guidance toward the ministry’s mission.

Fr. Pat currently lives and also serves at his new retirement community at Villa de San Antonio as a Spiritual Advisor to his fellow brothers and sisters who reside at the Villa. He celebrates Mass there, and continues to serve at local parishes, including as Spiritual Director for the St. Padre Pio Prayer Group of San Antonio.

Deacon Tom & Mary Jane Fox

Deacon Tom & Mary Jane Fox

Pilgrim Center of Hope - Founders, Directors

"Meet the Master: Jesus, Show Me Who I Am"

When you look in the mirror, you may see the wrinkles, but God sees his precious child! Learn how, through prayer, you can begin every day anew and end every day resurrected.

Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox had a re-awakening of their Catholic faith in the 1980s. While on a trip through the Holy Land, they were directed by a local priest to take a silent walk along the Sea of Galilee. There, Jesus unmistakably spoke to them each.

In September 1986, Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox left their respective careers in hotel management and the travel industry to work full-time for St. Matthew Catholic Church. For the first seven years, their main ministry was door-to-door home visitation; in the first few years, they visited over 10,000 families. They also helped establish other outreach ministries at St. Matthew.

Tom was ordained to the permanent Diaconate in August 1988. They became Oblates of the Congregation of St. John in 1991.

In 1992, the Foxes led a group of pilgrims in the Holy Land. After escorting them to the airport, they returned to Jerusalem to spend two weeks in a hermitage in the Garden of Gethsemane. They discerned that God wanted them to develop a Catholic evangelization ministry. With the help of friends and benefactors, Pilgrim Center of Hope was founded in 1993.


Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, inspired by the courageous and dignified retirement of Pope Benedict XVI, called on the Pilgrim Center of Hope in 2013 to organize a Catholic Seniors’ Conference for the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

On April 5, 2014, over 320 men and women staff and attendees helped make the first annual Catholic Seniors’ Conference a wonderful start!

This conference continues to shed light on the Church’s high regard for seniors, educating them about their unique dignity as sons and daughters of God, encouraging them to know and love God, and inspiring them to use their gifts for the transformation of family and society.

Attendee Testimonies

Did you discover something you weren’t aware of about how the Catholic Church views the elderly, senior citizens?

Definitely I had come to the conclusion that the Catholic Church didn’t care for the elderly who were once young & very active in our Church, but I realized through this conference we are the building blocks of our church

(I discovered) that we are needed to carry on the Church to the next generation.

The Church is emphasizing more the dignity and value of the elderly and their responsibility to contribute to the work of evangelization.

We are still important and have work to do.

From the 2018 Conference

Presentation – Susan Muto: Little Ways to Transform Your Heart

Presentation – Fr. Jonathan Felux: Fatima for Us Today

Presentation – Mary Jane Fox: Prayer Intercessors – Living As Missionary Disciples As We Are

From the 2017 Conference

Presentation – Lisa Mladinich: Finding Grace In the Second Half of Life

Presentation – Fr. Clay Hunt: The Joy of Being Known by God and His Gift to Us

Presentation – Deacon Tom Fox: Spreading the Message of Hope!

From the 2016 Conference

Presentation – Fr. Servando Guerrero-Ponce: Life’s Journey to Our Heavenly Father!

From the 2015 Conference

The 2015 Catholic Seniors’ Conference was wonderful!  We hosted 315 seniors, thanks to our sponsors and volunteers.  Participants enjoyed speakers Fr. Charlie Banks, OMI, and Dr. Margarett Schlientz, who also gave a Q&A session on topics such as prayer and the Holy Spirit.  Archbishop Gustavo’s message during Mass to participants was, “I NEED YOU! […] I NEED YOUR PRAYERS!”  He entrusted participants with the mission of praying for prayerful priests in the Archdiocese.

It was a joy to see so many gathered to seek spiritual growth and be open to the challenging messages presented.  Thank you for your prayers!

From the 2014 Conference

The two 2014 keynote presentations are available on DVD for a suggested donation of $15. Please call us to order yours: 210-521-3377

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Excerpt from sections 191-193, “The elderly” The elderly help us to appreciate “the continuity of the generations”, by their “charism of bridging the gap”. Very often it is grandparents who ensure that the most important values are passed down to their grandchildren, and “many people can testify that they owe their initiation into the Christian […]


Pope Paul VI Hall | Saturday, October 15, 2016 Excerpt: The Church looks to the elderly with affection, recognition and great esteem. They are an essential part of the Christian community and of society and, in particular, represent the roots and memory of the people. Yours is an important presence, because your experience is a valuable treasure, indispensable […]


Basilica of St. John Lateran | Thursday, June 16, 2016 Excerpt: “The old men shall have prophetic dreams” (cf. Joel 2:28). This was a prophecy that Joel made for the time of the Spirit. The old men shall have dreams and the young men shall see visions. With this third image I should like to underscore the […]


Saint Peter’s Square | Sunday, 28 September 2014 Excerpt:  …Old age is a time of grace, in which the Lord renews his call to us: he calls us to safeguard and transmit the faith, he calls us to pray, especially to intercede; he calls us to be close to those in need…. The elderly, grandparents […]


Saint Peter’s Square | Wednesday, 11 March 2015 Excerpt: We are able to thank the Lord for the benefits received, and fill the emptiness of ingratitude that surrounds us. We are able to intercede for the expectations of younger generations and give dignity to the memory and sacrifices of past generations. We are able to […]


Saint Peter’s Square | Wednesday, 4 March 2015 Excerpt: Our elders are men and women, fathers and mothers, who came before us on our own road, in our own house, in our daily battle for a worthy life. They are men and women from whom we have received so much. The elder is not an […]


Rome | Monday, 12 November 2012 Excerpt: This morning, addressing all the elderly in spirit, although I am aware of the difficulties that our age entails I would like to tell you with deep conviction: it is beautiful to be old! At every phase of life it is necessary to be able to discover the […]