Monthly Pledge

Thank you for helping us plan ahead!

Your monthly donations provide this ministry with reliable support.  We are so grateful for your much-needed pledge of commitment.  Your monthly gift will help us ‘cast the nets’ of Conferences, Pilgrimages, and Outreach, transforming lives with Christ!

Existing Supporters
For inquiries regarding a change in your monthly pledge, please contact Patricia Kozar (Accountant) or Deacon Tom Fox at 210-521-3377

4 Ways to Give Monthly

  • AUTOMATIC - Bank

    Automatically donate to this ministry! You can send a monthly payment to Pilgrim Center of Hope (7680 Joe Newton, San Antonio, TX 78251) by contacting your bank and requesting this.

    **This method is preferred, because it saves PCH the most time & money. Thank you!**

  • AUTOMATIC - PayPal / Credit Card

    Automatically donate to this ministry! Subscribe to a monthly donation plan.

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  • Manual - Check

    Our staff can send you a monthly envelope so that you can mail in your donation. Please use the form below to begin your request.

  • Manual - Credit

    Our staff can manually deduct your monthly donation from a credit card provided by you. Please use the form below to begin your request; we will personally follow-up to take your payment information.

    Note: If possible, we encourage you to use the PayPal option noted above. Using PayPal to automatically charge your credit card will save our staff in manual labor hours.

Manual Donation Methods