Our Ministry Wish List

Your financial gift can directly provide for the needs of this ministry & accomplishment of our mission of hope. Below is our most updated Wish List.

To grant a wish, please use the Donate button below, or contact

Deacon Tom Fox, Co-Director
Office 210-521-3377

You may also express your interest using the form below, which will be emailed directly to our office.

We greatly appreciate your gift! This mission belongs to us all. God bless you.

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New Testament Bibles

We make these available to people who visit the Center, who are searching for direction, and offer them at our table during events. (Contemporary English Version translation with Catholic Imprimatur)

Sponsor “Journeys of Hope” Podcast

We’re making Journeys of Hope into a podcast! Yes, now millions of podcast listeners can subscribe to Journeys of Hope… but we need help covering the cost of this new venture!

Care for the Center

Prayer Correspondence Materials

Still Needed:
April through September 2019

October 2018 through March 2019 – Adrian & Indi McDonough

Pilgrim Center of Hope open acreage

Tree Trimming

We have dozens of trees that need specialty attention. Please help us keep PCH trees beautiful and healthy.

Care for PCH Property

Still Needed:
March 2019
April 2019

October 2018 – Ernie & Dorothy Morris
November 2018 – Cecilia Molesky
December 2018 – Dr. Mitch Finnie
January 2019 – Gloria Jennings
February 2019 – Rick & JoAnne Kirschbaum
May 2019 – Tom & Darlene Watkins
June 2019 – Ramiro & Connie Balli
July 2019 – Ernie & Dorothy Morris
August 2019 – Adrian & Indi McDonough
September 2019 – Ernie & Dorothy Morris

Paper for Print Evangelization

Still Needed:
April through September 2019

October 2018 through March 2019 – DiTrolio Family

Fresh Flowers for Gethsemane Chapel

July 2018 – In Memory of Mr. John T. Pena, by daughter Tina Balderrama
October through December 2018 – by Grace Howard
December 2018 – Mrs. Argentina D. Pena, by daughter Tina Balderrama
January through March 2019 – In Memory of Mary E. “Boots” Shaw, by David & Janet Pollock
April through June 2019 – In Memory of Moses Antablian, by Chris & Patty Parma
July through September 2019 – In Memory of Frederick & Ruth Wuori, by Ann Gonsalves


Thank you for responding!

High-Quality Wood Fence

We needed a fence (1,200 feet long) on our property; a broken fence belongs to adjacent property owners. You helped us pay for this $30,000 expense and protect this sacred area.


Thank you for responding!

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