ENCORE! Finding Hope

We all struggle to live and survive in a culture that focuses entirely on the wrong things: wrong values, wrong direction, wrong understanding of reality, and that can lead to chaos and total hopelessness. The rat race seems unending and often leads only to disillusionment, discouragement, depression and even despair. In the midst of all this, however, God is present with His love and wisdom and healing, and this brings us great hope.

Join Father Ed Hauf, OMI, and his guest Jason Nunez (host of John 3:30 Podcast) to discover how you can find hope in your life, no matter what you’re going through.


Encore – Tues., July 31 @ 11 AM

Encore – Weds., August 1 @ 8 PM

  • Guadalupe Radio Network (South/Central Texas Stations)

Encore – Fri., August 3 @ 8 PM

  • Catholic Television of San Antonio (Spectrum channel 15)

Original live air date: January 30, 2018