Forming A Forgiving Heart with Mary

Now available to listen! An audio recording of “Forming A Forgiving Heart with Mary,” an Evening with Mary presented by Pilgrim Center of Hope. Alexandra Kubebatu, a local author and evangelist, shares with you her presentation given during Evenings with Mary about forgiveness.

One of the most difficult spiritual challenges to overcome is forgiving someone who has caused us physical, emotional, and mental pain. Sometimes the betrayal can be overwhelming, and we may be inclined to re-live those events in our minds. Our hearts may want to harbor the pain for years, or even decades. Mary is the epitome of true mercy and forgiveness, and teaches us how to move past the pain and into the fullness of Christ. Please join us for this Evening with Mary on how, through Mary’s example, Christ can heal our hearts through the power of forgiveness.

Evenings with Mary are mini-conferences (typically in a parish church) that welcome anyone who desires more peace in his or her life—including families—and who is open to learning about Mary’s role in God’s plan for us. Through presentations that are crafted for any Christian, and enriched by meditative prayer of the Rosary, you will receive spiritual tools and examples of how Mary can assist you in your daily journey of faith.

Are you interested in bringing an Evening with Mary to your parish? We only need Father’s blessing & your help; many presentation topics are available… Contact us!