NEW Share Hope Challenge!

Have you been challenged?

Pilgrim Center of Hope’s latest Share Hope Challenge (#PCHShareHope) is raising urgent funds for Sign Language Interpretation at the Catholic Women’s Conference of San Antonio (July 27-28, 2018).


Accepting that you have been challenged is the first step. Once you’ve done so, watch a #PCHShareHope video like the one above, and learn the sign language for “Jesus Loves All People”.


Make a short video to share your challenge, something like:

Hi! I’m _____, and I’ve been challenged to donate for 1 hour of sign language interpretation at this year’s Catholic Women’s Conference of San Antonio.
I accept! And now I challenge __ (NAME 5 FRIENDS) ___.
(Show your newly-learned sign language): JESUS LOVES ALL PEOPLE.


Post your video to social media, and include #PCHShareHope in your post. See how people react to your message of hope!


While you’re waiting for responses, make your donation on the secure Conference Eventbrite page. Next to the option “1-Hour of ASL Interpretation for our Deaf Sisters (Donation)” select 1 or more hours at $60 each. Hit “Register” and continue the process.

Donations ($3000 total) are urgently needed before July 27. Thank you!

Pilgrim Center of Hope, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, supported by individuals like you. Your gift is tax-exempt. Thanks to Pilgrim Center of Hope’s benefactors, we can offer the majority of our events at no cost to attendees, and provide services like ASL Interpretation. Your donations are greatly appreciated to continue the mission of hope!