Sponsorship Opportunities at Catholic Conferences

San Antonio, Texas

  • Your Brand Across Platforms

    Sponsors are recognized across our Print, Audio-visual, and Web platforms!

  • Local Relationship

    Thousands of men and women will witness your support for their journey toward hope, in a local setting.

  • Show You Care

    Attendees will be encouraged to patronize your organization.

  • Long-Term Possibilities

    Many report keeping their conference booklet as a daily companion.

How can we draw women, men, and their families, to encounter Christ and find hope in daily life? Each year, our non-profit ministry organizes exciting conferences in San Antonio to teach, inspire, and challenge men and women to live their unique dignity as children of God.

Catholic Seniors’ Conference

Catholic Men’s Conference

Catholic Women’s Conference

What can one conference do?
Fruits we have seen include: vocations serving the Church, saved marriages, return to the practice of faith, and men & women returning to their family, workplace, and parish on fire with the Holy Spirit.

The urgent need:
Producing these annual conferences costs Pilgrim Center of Hope approximately $200,000 every year! This is a high expense for our small, non-profit organization existing on private donations. Because we strive to offer these conferences without financially burdening attendees, we are asking for your help as a conference sponsor.

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